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I wonder how many of you do you have your own blog, not corporate blog.

Thing is what always amazes me is that so many people in Iowa have blogs but don't do much work on them. Blog post every month yet want to make money. I wonder where is that first passion of bloggers when they first time removed "Hello World" blog post and started their own :)....

1.Please provide your blog url
2. Tell us why did you start blogging.( because....)
3. What are you struggling with the most? (seo, time, ideas)

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The intent of my blog is to show anyone visiting my site:

* I can write
* My philosophy about HR and Recruiting
* Spark some interest in my services

I am one of those once a month bloggers you are wondering about. I don't think my time is best served on a daily or weekly basis creating blog content. I need a nice repository of articles for any prospects to see that I am legit, not a constant stream of content. I'm a B2B business and other business owners are my target, these folks are not typically blog readers.
As long as one month content has high quality I think it's enough for your audience.... :) just like you said "these folks are not typically blog readers"

Great blog by the way.
Thanks Joe

I have a business associate who went so far as to change the name of the blog page on his site to "newsletter" so his older business owner customers wouldn't be afraid of it. They understand newsletter and will read them, they don't understand blogs and are afraid of them.
Hi Joe,

My blog is my business I suppose. I have a monetized blog that I started working on in late September and also a sadly neglected personal blog that needs some loving. No time. Ugh.

My main blog:
My crafty personal blog:

I started blogging about the crafty stuff just to have a place to post my projects. For my Hacks blog, I actually had it in mind as a live project to work with while I taught myself some Web programming. I'm not quite sure exactly how it took on a life of its own. They always say to blog about what you know. Frugal living is an area of expertise so I went down that road with it. I decided to monetize to help pay some bills and I'm finding that opened some doors to all sorts of interesting people and ideas (social media, public relations, and so on.) I have no idea what will happen with this experience but I'm learning and loving it.

I spend so much time with marketing, communicating, dealing with ad affiliate stuff and the day to day maintenance of it that I sometimes wonder if it's worth the effort. It's really a full-time job to make it be the way I want it to be. Fitting that in with my other responsibilities is tough. I don't sleep a lot. Hence my wacky comments. But I'm having a ball and am constantly energized by the sorts of challenges that doing an online project provides - particularly the marketing.

I struggle a bit with SEO too, wondering if I'm doing it right. I've gone through the general steps but I wonder if I'm missing something. I obsess about things like Alexa and Google page rank and why they don't love me. *sniffles*
That's actually a good way to do it. Rename it to something clients more understand. Same thing like "press release"
Blog overall looks good as far as the Google PR you do need to comment on other blogs , add your site to multiple directories (free), try also its great way to get some backlinks.

Basic SEO: Change your Title to H1 tags (currently: H2).

As far as Alexa don't worry too much about it, once you start receiving 50.000-60.000 page views that number will shrink. Install Alexa tool your self, I bet money you visit that site more than anyone else right? All bloggers do :).

Share your blog posts with Digg, Facebook, Mixx, Reddit, StumbleUpon every single time you post something. See the thing is if your blog post does not make Google Page no.1 for keyword you want, Digg might?
I Blog at I started for a Class project during my time at Drake University, and I have Timothy Johnson @carpefactum to thank. My only real problem now is time, I work for "the man" who will not allow me to post from work which sometimes hinders my usual schedule of posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I comment on a lot of blogs but I don't include my site link in my post. Is that what you mean?

I did add myself to some directories, I know I need to do more of that. I get some links back from Blogcatalog. I'll look at Zemanta thanks.

You mean the size of my header title? Why does that make a difference? Interesting!

Good point about the Alexa tool. I wondered about posting to all of those... sometimes I have and wondered if they accounted for people posting their own stuff or considered it spam of some sort.

I use the SEO Optimization Pack now and have started putting in the alternate title, description, and keywords for each post. Think that'll make an impact?

Thanks Joe. You are an SEO wizard, can't wait to talk to you more. : )
You can always schedule your posts :) I do it all the time because I pretty much have same problem as you do :) by the way did you know you could just send an email to post? :)

Anyway, I always wondered who's blog is that ;) really cool !
Not header , Title post title :)
Really? We have met at #CIB...thought you knew the deal. :) Thanks for the info. I can't say I plan that far ahead to post it ahead of time or schedule it. But, I will have to look into it.
I don't recall you saying about the site , sorry it's been a while :( anyway, did you know I visit your site regularly ok via RSS feeds only :) ...but I do read your new output posts...

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