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Prior to launching this site we were using a wiki to gather the names of those interested in leading or volunteering for the Social Media Club Des Moines chapter. I would like to propose that we gather those individuals (and anyone else interested) for an initial planning meeting in the next few weeks so that we can lay the foundation for the future of the club.

The date for our planning meeting has been set:
Tuesday, December 15, 7-9PM

Foundry Coworking
1312 Locust
Des Moines, IA 50309

Please indicate your planned attendance by using the event RSVP features.

Things we need to discuss include:
- venue options for meetings
- best time to host meetings (morning, lunch, evenings)
- leadership team (for the positions listed on the wiki + others)
- format/expectations/frequency for events
- club sponsors
- membership dues

If you have something we should discuss, post it here and I'll add it to this list.

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Judging by the responses I've received thus far, I'm proposing our initial planning meeting for December 14, 15, or 16.

Please indicate your availability and preferred time using the Doodle meeting planner link below:
I put my available times in (not that many) ... I might be able to work my schedule around a bit when the time is set.
Mike, Wanted to join in to keep abreast about this new club. Oh, and I kind of like social media! Let me know if you want the date (once it's set) and info on the new club to run in the Register.
Thanks for stopping in, Renda! Although it's nice of you to offer, I actually don't think this first planning meeting should be publicized outside of the site. The focus is really on those who want to steer the direction of the club. If we have too many there it could get hectic.

We'll definitely take you up on it when we get our first official event scheduled though. Thanks again!
My calendar is free to meet. Being a free agent in the job market can do that and I need more tutoring on how to use social media as a non-professional/non-tech individual.

If it's after 7 I can likely join you guys. I'm happy to volunteer. Sunshine committee? (Haha.) My schedule is pretty flexible except for Saturday Dec. 12th. Just let me know what the consensus is and I'll do my best to be there.
Will there be any discussion around dues, or have I missed that somewhere else?
We will most likely talk about dues at this meeting, but I also have news to share about upcoming changes in the way they will be handled by SMC HQ.

At the simplest level, there is an option to be a free member of the club. Paid memberships will have access to more benefits, plus they'll generate additional benefits to the chapter as a whole.

I'll hopefully have more on this soon.
I'm going to go ahead and call this one. It looks like our first planning meeting will take place on:

Tuesday, December 15, 7-9PM

This date worked out for the most people, so I apologize to anyone who isn't able to attend. We're not leaving you out on purpose. ;)

As the location is finalized, I will include that here as well - then it will be posted on our event calendar.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey to find the best date. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on the 15th!
Would you like me to reserve Smokey Row's back room for this?
Yes, please! I just sent you a DM on Twitter about it. ;) Let me know when this is taken care of and I'll start the official calendar event. Thanks, Ben!
There is now an event on the calendar for this meeting. We'll be meeting on Tuesday, December 15 from 7-9PM at Foundry Coworking in downtown Des Moines.

Please indicate your planned attendance by using the event RSVP features.

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