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Hello Friends,


I am looking to put together a social media "etiquette" policy for Amanda the Panda and I was wondering if anyone has a sample to share with me from another non-profit or small business?


I will also ask the questions, is having a policy for employees and board members to follow a good thing.  They think so (as do I that is why I ahve agreed) but am I not thinking of something that might cause a problem by adopting an official policy?


Thanks and take care.



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At IHA we've split it out a little bit. For blogging, we have a handful of writers who simply adhere to the association's communications style guide. For Twitter, we have a larger group of contributors and felt it necessary to adopt a best practices guide. For the most part, it incorporates some communications style but mostly includes guidelines for keeping our messaging and frequency consistent.

Other than that, I've recently worked with HR to adopt an internal social media usage policy for employees. Externally, we utilize a comment policy which says that we reserve the right to remove comments that are defamatory, out of scope or deemed as spam, etc. Bottom line, I've had consultants and various other SM pros recommend having at least some sort of public-facing comment policy.
Altimeter Group has been collecting various social media policies, including external communication guidelines:

Then there's this list of social media policies from over 100 different organizations:

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