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Alright gang..we're getting cranked up for a series of events hoping to enlighten your Social Media experiences, but I'd like to know from you all some great places where we can congregate!  Whether they're free charge, minimal charge or maybe a big rental fee!  Eastside, get the drift~I'll take em all! 

A few places I have on my radar are:
  • Country Inn & Suites~Clive
  • Des Moines Botanical Center~Des Moines
  • Mars Cafe~Des Moines
  • TimberPine Nursery~Earlham
Please..let me hear it!  Anyplace that you like..or think you would like!


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What about Plymouth Congregational on 42/Ingersoll. They have a coffee shop and a huge meeting room. They're super progressive and might really welcome being a part of this group. I don't attend, so I don't have any contact names, but they have a website.
You all have rallied quite well for this EXCELLENT list of venues! You're rockin! and keep it up.
thank you
For a closer location (and since I work there!) Jasper Winery
How about the Des Moines Social Club or Rock Bottom, I know they both use a lot of SM to attract/reward customers. I am pretty sure I can get us space at Splash and Jethros, if there is interest.
Emily - I'm big on the Fair idea. I think I told you I can probably get our church food stand to provide the venue and food. Right across from Catttlemen's on Railroad Ave., and it's free.
That would be awesome!!
Smokey Row has a great little section you can rent for meetings, with doors to close off the room. I was there today and two groups had booked it for the night. I think it's free, but will double check. Also, love the Grey's Lake idea- the area with picnic tables? I'm thinking luncheons!
This thread is a little bit out of date but the YMCA Healthy Living Center in Clive has a great conference room. Mike Wagner and I presented Reinvent DSM there.
We have a room here at Iowa Association of REALTORS (50th & University in Clive) that can seat 85 classroom style. We rent it for $150 a day. No extra fees for the projector/screen/sound system.

Also TERO International (Unversity & I-35) has some reasonable room rates and a nice setting. For 50 or so.
Comfort Suites at Living History Farms
Wildwood Lodge
Radisson-Des Moines airport
New Holiday Inn & Suites at Jordan Creek
Call Suzanne Lee

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