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I feel bit sad about selling my Blog

As some of you know I was proud owner of but the time came to sell it (July 2009) because I thought that I am not spending much time on it as I should be. I had 5 great bloggers that did blog post almost few times a week but yet my expectations was always bigger.

So why am I sad now?

When I lately looked at the traffic it is twice less than what it use to be before I am assuming 300.000-400.000 page views. I thought by me leaving that blog I would actually see the traffic go up but I was wrong TWICE!

Just 1.5 month ago I sold another blog which I blog post only 2-3 times a month with over 2000 words yet quality content. I was happy to hand it over to somebody that had passion to write about blogging like big dogs Darren Rowse or DoshDosh right? But that blog turned out to do same thing 1 blog post was made since I sold it.

Well I think this is going to be my conclusion to rather just leave it as is....yes there is that money pleasure but that goes away quick yet your own work does not... Well that was at least my experience.

Currently I am blogging at and I said this blog is going to be my permanent place for years/decades! It's shortest , cutest, and involves lots of different topics.

What do you think about selling blogs?
Would you sell your blog if you had good offer? Or would you play hard to get like Mark Zuckerberg or Biz Stone?

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Comment by Amy Dix on December 16, 2009 at 10:49am
Hi Joe,

I understand where you're coming from. It's difficult to part with something that was "your baby" and that you put so much time and energy into. I also think that with a blog that you design, maintain, and edit/write, the identity of that blog becomes inextricably linked with yourself. If I sold my blog it wouldn't really have any resemblance to what it is now, because my own voice and vision makes it what it is. I'm not sure readers would stay unless the content and feel remained the same (or improved hehe).

I suppose everyone has a price, and considering that we're BROKE right now I'd probably sell. But it would make me sad. I'm horrible at shrewd business negotiations so I don't know about playing hard to get. I'd at least tease a little. ; )

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